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Monday, May 03, 2004
Ann as moved to another site :)

posted by Anita 4:42 PM
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
it's been a while...
a little update on my life.. i quit working at the optometry practice because my mom needed me to help her with her new store... a tailoring supply company... and i actually find the work fun... yeah it doesn't require much thinking... but i'm always busy... and i like all the different pretty colored thread!! haha... rocki the rockstar got neutered... i know some people think that it's really mean...but it's healthier for the puppy... no chance for prostate cancer, or running away into the wild... etc... joe and i recently really got into poker... texas holdem style.. it's pretty fun, but i don't have the patience for it sometimes... so i go in on crap hands because i'm bored... oh oh... more interesting and fun... joe bought a condo in the south loop which is not going to be finished until april.. but mayor daley just moved in there.. so the property is just going to appreciate... other than that... there's nothing going on... i'm a lazy bum... and i want my CAR BACK! my brother's car is broken.. so he's using it... that is it...

this blog is pretty prototypical of the way my mind works... i definitely am scatterbrained.. or i have ADD!

posted by Anita 10:34 AM
Friday, April 02, 2004
so my summer resolution is to become the best golfer/beach volleyball player that i can be! be all that i can be... anyways! so i decided to start my strict exercising and practice regiment today... i went running with the rockstar, which i only ran a mile, but rocki held his own with me! then i did some crunches... and then i decided to practice my short game in my backyard... rocki wouldn't allow it... he kept on trying to get in front of the ball... so my golf game perfecting must start another day! :) just wait.. i'll get real good... promise!

posted by Anita 12:57 PM
Tuesday, March 30, 2004
oh my cuteness...
rocki, the rockstar, my little puppy, just lost his first tooth yesterday.... so cute!

posted by Anita 10:38 AM
Friday, March 26, 2004
you know, i don't think that it's hit me yet... i graduated learning and organizational change and economics and now i'm going in optometry? yeah, it definitely hasn't hit me yet... of course i still have four and a half years before i become an O.D., but man... i can't believe it... i'm not even absolutely positive that this is what i want to do... haha, funny how life works... all those times explaining to people why i chose optometry... and i would just say what i knew you were supposed to say... good money, flexibility of hours, i can have a family, prestigious profession, a health profession... and the coolest part, i get to be called doctor! awesome!!! without the massive hard work of medical school! haha... just kidding.. i think optometry will be tough for me though... because i haven't really taken a hard core science... i've just taken the basics... so i'm going to have to study my @$$ off...

posted by Anita 11:16 AM